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Redefining Controlled Environment Agriculture: Spectral brings you the best horticulture technologies for vertical farming. Bring your production to new levels.


Strengthen your roots.
Never cease growing.

Consultation is an essential first step, so please call us and we’ll meet and explore the best new technologies that can bring your production one step further and beyond. Following consultation, Spectral will provide you an initial proposition with a detailed quotation. Spectral and/or its partners can also provide implementation support for product installation, project management as well as a commissioning and monitoring service for the optimal growth plan. 



Light, Photons, Action! Lighting is crucial. Spectral represents the best LED luminaires (grow lights) available on the market. Spectral will provide studies with guaranteed PPFD levels.

OSRAM: Light is Progress


Something in the air: pathogens, microbial molds and fungal diseases can occur when the air is left alone. Spectral represents manufacturers that can provide systems that will keep your production safe.

Element Air: Protect Your Grow


What is in your water? Water is life. Spectral can make your life better with products that will maximize the potential effect of water on your production.

Moleaer: Enhanced Nannobubble Aeration

all the rest

And all the rest to make it happen… mobile racking, substrates, fertilizers… Spectral has it all.

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Spectral integrates Multi-tiers racking LED lighting Vertical Ventilation


Who we are

Spectral is an agency dedicated in representing top tier manufacturers for horticultural equipment and supplies in the Canadian market. Working with the best products and providing the best support to the Canadian producers. Spectral brings the best technologies to be a key player in the evolution of the horticultural industry. Spectral is your “one-stop-shop” vertical farming and horticulture supplies in Canada for the best new technologies. To maximize your yield and secure your production, Spectral has the best new technologies by the world leading manufacturers. Spectral represents the high technology manufacturers and work with the best Canadian wholesale hydroponics distributors. As a leader in representation for the best hydroponics equipment suppliers for vertical farming, Spectral will guide you to integrate the new technologies that can increase dramatically your yield with a profitable return on our investment. Spectral is also your best option for hydroponics supplies in Canada. Need a Quote ?


Maximize and secure your profits per square foot.

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