Full Spectrum Horticultural Lights

The art and science of growing plants continues to expand with the advancements in LED technology. As a leader in light technology, OSRAM has expanded its portfolio to offer efficient LED Grow Lights for the Horticulture industry. By working with industry experts, complete light plans can be designed to optimize productivity in various horticulture environments.

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Commercial greenhouse Grow lights

  • With more than 100 years in business, OSRAM is a solid partner for any producers looking for the highest output LED grow lights.

  • The optimal spectrum with the highest levels of µmol to maximize your yield. 

  • OSRAM has a 700W LED grow light fixture (HL High output) that will outperform the traditional 1000 watts double-ended HPS grow lights and many other models for all growth stages.

  • OSRAM Horticultural LED fixtures can provide your production with high PPFD (photonic photon flux density) with a full spectrum vat competitive price.


Full Spectrum Industrial LED grow lights for cannabis and supplemental lighting in greenhouse production Spectral carries manufacturers that designed the best LED grow lights. The LED grow lights for cannabis will have a full spectrum led grow lights for interior culture and a maximal output of µmol for greenhouse supplemental lighting. Spectral supplies commercial grow lights with LED technology that will drop electricity consumption by at least 30%. Industrial grow light with LED technology from OSRAM are maintenance free which means no down time on your production! HPS grow lights, fluorescent grow lights and other technologies are now things of the past: LED is now the best and most efficient way of maximizing yields.