MOLEAER Horticultural Products

For the first time ever, high purity oxygen can be used to economically and effectively improve plant health and vigor for better outputs. The nanoBoost gives growers absolute control of their dissolved oxygen levels enabling a more stable growing environment that reduces plant stress and prevents diseases from taking hold.


Enhanced nanobubbles aeration


The Moleaer nanobubble aeration system is a novel, patent-pending method of injecting oxygen into water so as to enhance the biological treatment process, reduce off-gassing and lower treatment costs. A highly efficient, proprietary 2-phase gasification process saturates wastewater with dissolved oxygen and trillions of ~100nm-sized nanobubbles that provide a latent transfer of oxygen for days after the point of aeration.

commercial greenhouse watering systems


Maximize the potential of water with MOLEAER nanobubble generator. Simply connect the generator to the water circuit of your cultivation and your crops will experience the benefits of high level of dissolve oxygen : stronger roots, enhance capillarity, faster and stronger grows, more sugar and better hydration throughout your plants. The nanobubble generator is a plug and play item that can be installed quickly. Oxygen consumption is very low and the dissolution is up to 90% in the water after the nanobubble.


MOLEAER generators are plug and play : simply hook the generator to the water circuit of your installation. With supplemental oxygen added to the MOLEAER nanobulle generator, the dissolved oxygen level (DO level) of the water in your installation will go up to 35PPM. Even at temperature as high as 33C, the high saturation of oxygen in the water will stay stable. High level dissolved oxygen will accelerate growth. Roots will be stronger and longer. Capillarity throughout the entire plants will be better: sugars will be higher and the tips won’t dry out. MOLEAER nanobubble generator will revolutionize your culture!


MOLEAER needs little maintenance. Particles up to ¾” will be filtered without any problem. MOLEAER nanobubble generator is the best return on investment that you can have. The cost of oxygen consumption will be a fraction of what other systems.