Light is progress

The art and science of growing plants continues to expand with the advancements in LED technology. As a leader in light technology, OSRAM has expanded its portfolio to offer efficient LED Grow Lights for the Horticulture industry. By working with industry experts, complete light plans can be designed to optimize productivity in various horticulture environments.


Enhanced Nannobubble Aeration

The patent pending nanoBoost nanobubble generator is an essential complement to any hydroponic or grow facility. Independently tested to have the best in class oxygen transfer efficiency, the nanoBoost generator is capable of transferring oxygen with near perfect efficiency, providing maximum utilization potential of the oxygen. The system does this by converting the oxygen gas into trillions of slightly charged nanobubbles and injecting them into the water. Due to their minute size, negative charge and neutral buoyancy, the nanobubbles can remain stable in solution for prolonged periods of time. Having both dissolved oxygen and a battery reserve of nanobubbles in the water creates an incredibly stable, supersaturated level of oxygen without pressurization.

For the first time ever, high purity oxygen can be used to economically and effectively improve plant health and vigor for better outputs. The nanoBoost gives growers absolute control of their dissolved oxygen levels enabling a more stable growing environment that reduces plant stress and prevents diseases from taking hold.


Protect Your Grow

The Element Air™ technology utilizes broad spectrum, high-intensity UV lights targeted on a hydrated quad-metallic catalyst, which utilizes ambient moisture to generate hydro-peroxides and hydroxides that are propelled into the cultivation facility, to provide active microbial and odor mitigation.

Unlike other units promoted to the Cannabis market, Element Air™ is an active purification system, purifying every square inch of air in the ducts and general growing spaces, in addition to removing odors at their source. Less effective Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) systems only sanitize the air that passes directly in their path.


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Ready to triple your yield?

Pipp Horticulture is your go-to provider for movable vertical racking systems that maximize cultivation space. In cannabis cultivation, the future is high yielding, efficient Mobile Aisle Vertical Rack farms. We take you there by taking you up. Now that LED technology is outperforming traditional HPS lights by up to 25%, single-tier facilities are giving way to multi-tiered rolling vertical farms. Why? Vertical farming = greater yield. It reduces operating costs and it increases overall revenue per square foot as much as 3x.

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The best air circulation for vertical indoor farming.

Experience In a young and tumultuous industry, experience matters. The VAS air circulation system was developed by cannabis growers for cannabis growers. There is no substitute for a proven solution, particularly amid lavish claims made by inexperienced parties. Consistency The success of a brand is based on product consistency. Product consistency is a result of environmental consistency, including temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. Only the patent-pending Vertical Air Solutions air circulation system assures such consistency. Quality The absence of mold and mildew will raise your yield, and hence your profits. Consistent, measured, filtered air flow, optionally combined with an integrated UVC air sterilization system, will substantially reduce the instance of powdery mold, and other afflictions.